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Holding the Viewer's Attention

An effective video needs to accurately convey its information and message, but it can only accomplish this if it successfully holds the viewer’s interest.  Unfortunately, so many “informational” videos are dry as toast, largely comprised of   “talking heads” and mind-numbing bullet-point graphics.   Effective video must break free from this approach and capture the viewer with clever, creative solutions, solid scripting, interesting visuals and proper pacing.  Even complex ideas and subjects should be easy to understand and entertaining enough to grab the viewer’s attention from the first frame to last. Our goal is to make videos that are riveting to anyone who might see them, not just the target audience. 

Listening to Our Clients

Any successful video begins with the needs of the client.  What is the video about?  What message must it deliver?  Who will be watching it?  What will be achieved if it successfully delivers that message? We listen very carefully to our clients and get to know their world, inside and out.  We help them to clarify and visualize their needs.

Navigating the Road as a Team

Many potential problems can be avoided with proper planning. We emphasize the benefits of careful research and scripting before the cameras roll.  We work as a team with our clients to guide them through the scripting, budgeting, shooting and editing process.  We work quickly and creatively to meet our clients deadlines. 

Your Success is Our Success

Our success is measured by the success of our clients.  We take no greater pleasure than being able to step back and listen to the applause our clients receive when the lights come up at the end of their video presentation.