How to update and install the firmware (chip) on an Anton/Bauer battery charger!
April, 2016 by Dave Hall, Davideo Multimedia, LLC

I have the Anton/Bauer Quad 2702 charger which also has a 12V power supply on the back. I recently (April 2016) bought a new Cine150 battery
and after a few days of charging it, it caused the charger to beep and gave me a "Power Down" message. I called A/B and they said I needed to
update the firmware, which I had done years ago for an earlier Anton/Bauer charger I had. So I figured I had done it before; how hard
could it be to do it again? I got the new chip (revision 5.4) and I had no idea how to open the charger to be able to replace the chip. I looked all over
the Internet for a primer on how to do it, but found nothing! So, after a quick phone call to Anton/Bauer, they very briefly explained how to do it.

On the left and right sides, near the front, are two short screws you need to remove. That part I was able to figure out! It may be obvious, but be
sure to unplug the charger first (duh) and don't have any static electricity.

I realized in hindsight that there is a hint of where the screws are located. You can see here where the side panels are folded over to connect to the
top section. I added the magic marker arrows after I was done in case I need to do this again at some point!

So besides the two tiny screws on the front left and right, there are six long screws on top. Two on each side, and two in the back for a total of
8 screws in all to get to the innards. Don't bother removing the other 10 screws on top! If you take them all off you'll have a %#&* mess.

Close up of the two in the back. Again, you can see where the rear side panel is folded over, although my red circle nearly hides seeing it.

With the 6 long and 2 short screws removed, you can open it up. There are 6 cables connecting the circuit board to the top section. I didn't need
to disconnect any of the cables. In this pic you can't quite see where the new chip goes... it's right below the "Philips" chip near the
bottom right in this picture, and it's the only chip that is not soldered to the motherboard.

This is the old (revision 4.4) chip I took out. Note the upper left has a notch. If you're looking at the charger from the left side,
the text should be facing you.

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